Searching for the best solution

Richard was a rich guy and he always wanted the best for himself. He bought a brand new Android last week and he used it a lot. He somehow managed to delete some files and he asked

A new bag

I never used to carry a bag when leaving the house. I thought bags were only for women and that they made men look stupid. I would always carry my things in my pockets. I had to

You could use free software apps

I bet that it often happens to you that you forget to save your file before closing it or that you accidently click on the “don’t save” button, instead of clicking on the “save” button. Or even

Old Friend

Yesterday I met an old friend after so many years. I was very excited about it. We immediately grabbed some coffee and started to talk about the news and changes in our lives. He graduated from the

Trouble at work

I will never forget how I got in trouble once at work. Those were the worst days of my life, because I panicked a lot and did not know what to do and how to solve my

Any Gluten Reaction can be Avoided

A gluten reaction can be avoided if you take the appropriate precautions. It seems like eating gluten free has moved from more of a ‘fad’ to a way of life now. Many ‘stars’ began eating gluten free

Water management and publics services

12.04.12: “Water management and Public Services” 26 March 2012 Water management and Public Services Thursday 12th April 2012 From 2pm to 4pm European Parliament – Brussels Agenda – Gerard PAYEN, President, Aquafed – Robert CABE, Conseil general

European court of justice

Judgement Altmark 24.07.2003 Judgment Almelo 27.04.1994 Judgment Corbeau 19.05.1993 ___________________________________________________ Social Services of General Interest in Europe. How to assess Quality Some recent evolutions put extra pressure on Social Services of General Interest: not only did the

Hearings of personalities

Hearings of personalities in 2011 European Commission Michel Barnier, Commissaire for internal market and services Philippe Pellé, DG Marché intérieur et services Nicola Pesaresi, DG Concurrence Joanna Szychowska, DG Marché intérieur et services European Court of Justice

Revision Des Aides Detat un Gout Dinacheve

State aid revision: a sense of unfinished business E-mail Print PDF 08 November 2011 Posted in MEPs News English version not available: Link to the French version