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Gutierrez Cortines Cristina

Gutierrez Cortines Additional Info Name:Gutierrez-Cortines First name:Cristina Position:Vice Presidente Country:Spain Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45594 eMail: Blog:/ Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published in Chair Tagged under EPP More in this category: « Marie-Christine VERGIAT

Heide Rühle

Additional Info Name:RUHLE First name:Heide Position:Vice-Presidente Country:Germany Political party:Green/ALE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45609 eMail: Blog:Heide Ruhle Published in Chair Tagged under Greens/EFA More in this category: « Karima DELLI Peter SIMON »

Francoise castex

Françoise Castex – President of the Intergroup Copyright English version not available.  Only French version Additional Info Name:CASTEX First name:Françoise Position:Présidente Intergroupe Country:France Political party:S&D Phone:+ 32 (0) 2 28 45 129 eMail: franç Blog:Françoise Castex Facebook:

Sophie Auconie

Sophie AUCONIE DR English Version not available. Only French version Additional Info Name:AUCONIE First name:Sophie Position:Vice-Presidente Country:France Political party:PPE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45109 eMail: Blog:Sophie Auconie Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published in Chair Tagged under EPP More in

Peter simon

Additional Info Name:Castex First name:Fraçoise Position:Vice-Président Country:Germany Political party:S&D Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45558 eMail: Blog:Peter Simon Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published inChair Tagged under S&D More in this category: « Heide RÜHLE Marie-Christine VERGIAT »

Karima Delli

Additional Info Name:DELLI First name:Karima Position:Vice-Président Country:France Political party:Green/ALE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45362 eMail: Blog:/ Facebook: Twitter:@KarimaDelli Published inChair Tagged under Greens/EFA More in this category: « Jean-Luc BENNAHMIAS Heide RÜHLE »

Jean luc bennahmias

Additional Info Name:BENNAHMIAS First name:Jean-Luc Position:Vice-Président Country:France Political party:ALDE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45574 eMail: Blog:Jean Luc Bennahmias Twitter:@JlBennahmias Published inChair Tagged under ALDE More in this category: « Sophie AUCONIE Karima DELLI »

Marie Christine Vergiat

Additional Info Name:Vergiat First name:Marie-Christine Position:Vice presidente Country:France Political party:GUE Phone:+32 (0) 2 284 5831 eMail: Blog:Marie Christine Vergiat   Facebook:/ Twitter:@MCVergiat Published in Chair Tagged under GUE/NGL More in this category: « Peter SIMON Cristina GUTIERREZ