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Partners 01 July 2011 Partners and stakeholders of Intergroup The interest of the Intergroup is to enable continuous dialogue between MEPs, institutions and actors in public services. By their regular attendance at meetings and their contributions to

Gutierrez Cortines Cristina

Gutierrez Cortines Additional Info Name:Gutierrez-Cortines First name:Cristina Position:Vice Presidente Country:Spain Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45594 eMail: Blog:/ Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published in Chair Tagged under EPP More in this category: « Marie-Christine VERGIAT

Heide Rühle

Additional Info Name:RUHLE First name:Heide Position:Vice-Presidente Country:Germany Political party:Green/ALE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45609 eMail: Blog:Heide Ruhle Published in Chair Tagged under Greens/EFA More in this category: « Karima DELLI Peter SIMON »

Francoise castex

Françoise Castex – President of the Intergroup Copyright English version not available.  Only French version Additional Info Name:CASTEX First name:Françoise Position:Présidente Intergroupe Country:France Political party:S&D Phone:+ 32 (0) 2 28 45 129 eMail: franç Blog:Françoise Castex Facebook:


Others E.P. Members Arif Kader, S&D, INTA – AFET Bach Georges, EPP, TRAN – EMPL Belet Ivo, EPP, ITRE – CULT Cercas Alejandro, S&D, EMPL – AGRI Christensen Ole, S&D EMPL – REGI Correia De Campos Antonio


Presentation 01 July 2011 The expectations placed in the European Union by public service users and providers continue not to be met. At best, public services are viewed as left by the wayside of European construction. At

Sophie Auconie

Sophie AUCONIE DR English Version not available. Only French version Additional Info Name:AUCONIE First name:Sophie Position:Vice-Presidente Country:France Political party:PPE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45109 eMail: Blog:Sophie Auconie Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published in Chair Tagged under EPP More in

Peter simon

Additional Info Name:Castex First name:Fraçoise Position:Vice-Président Country:Germany Political party:S&D Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45558 eMail: Blog:Peter Simon Facebook:/ Twitter:/ Published inChair Tagged under S&D More in this category: « Heide RÜHLE Marie-Christine VERGIAT »

Policy advisers


Karima Delli

Additional Info Name:DELLI First name:Karima Position:Vice-Président Country:France Political party:Green/ALE Phone:+32 (0)2 28 45362 eMail: Blog:/ Facebook: Twitter:@KarimaDelli Published inChair Tagged under Greens/EFA More in this category: « Jean-Luc BENNAHMIAS Heide RÜHLE »