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European court of justice

Judgement Altmark 24.07.2003 Judgment Almelo 27.04.1994 Judgment Corbeau 19.05.1993 ___________________________________________________ Social Services of General Interest in Europe. How to assess Quality Some recent evolutions put extra pressure on Social Services of General Interest: not only did the

European commission

ECA – Do the Commission’s procedures ensure effective management of State aid control? – Special Report No 15/2011 The European Commission has overall responsibility to ensure effective State aid control. Competition DG has the lead responsibility for

European economic a social committee

Opinion of the CESE on the Communication from the Commission – Reform of the EU State Aid Rules on Services of General Economic Interest Brussels, 15 June 2011 On 23 March 2011 the European Commission decided to

Committee of the regions

 Committee of the Regions Revised opinion of the Committee of the Regions on EU state aid rules on services of general economic interest –       is pleased that the European Commission is on the same wavelength as the

Proposal of resume

Annual report 2010 Introduction The expectations placed in the European Union by public service users and providers continue not to be met. At best, public services are viewed as left by the wayside of European construction. At


Consolited version of the treaty of the functioning of the European Union Article 14 of the treaty of the functioning of the European Union Without prejudice to Article 4 of the Treaty on European Union or to

European Council

SSGI Public procurement Social services are increasingly faced with the logic of public procurement. A strong trend can be detected: public procurement is chosen increasingly as a tool for managing some social needs. Fundamental rights are at

European Parliament

Peter Simon report on reform of the EU state aid rules on Services of General Economic Interest Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs 24 October 2011 A7-0371/2011 Heide Ruhle report on modernisation of  public procurement Committee on

European trade union confederation – ETUC

Draft European framework to guarantee and develop services of general economic interest.pdf ETUC Resolution Towards a new impetus for public services.pdf ETUC Resolution on a regulatory framework for services of general interest and public procurement.pdf ETUC Statement

Presidence belge de lunion europeenne

Program of the 3rd SSIG Forum The 3rd Forum 26 & 27 October 2010, Brussels on Social Services of General Interest 15 recommandations adressed to the European Parliament the Council and the Commission The 3rd Forum on